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Computer Algorithms: Graphs and their Representation


Although this post is supposed to be about algorithms I’ll cover more on graphs and their computer representation. I consider this very important, because there are lots of problems solved by using graphs and it is important to understand different types of representation.

First of all let’s try to explain what is a graph?

A graph is a specific data structure known in the computer science, that is often used to give a model of different kind of problems where a set of objects relate to each other in some way . For instance, trees are mainly used in order to represent a well-structured hierarchy, but that isn’t enough when modeling objects of the same type. Their relation isn’t always hierarchical! A typical example of graph is a geo map, where we have cities and the roads connecting them. In fact most of the problems solved with graphs relate to finding the shortest or longest path.

Although this is one very typical example actually a huge set of problems is can be solved by using graphs.

Graph & Tree

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