4 thoughts on “Algorithms as Metro Stations

  1. great overview! I love it.

    How is the complexity relationship interpreted, e.g., between quicksort und mergesort the complexity path is quadratic…what does that mean? Thanks a lot for your work and sharing this with us!


  2. @Inxnt – Quicksort and merge sort’s complexity isn’t quadratic but logarithmic. The problem is that the colors of the two lines are too close. You’ve to click on the image in order to see it larger.

  3. @Stoimen: you are right! I’m sorry. I was wondering because of the distance between the two ‘metro stations’ – does it have any meaning or does it just mean ‘these two algorithms are of logarithmic complexity’? That was my real question. Anyway, it look great and it is my favourite overview 🙂 Never saw the algorithms this compact.

  4. @lnxnt – thanks, I’m glad you like it! The distance doesn’t mean anything by now, the idea though is to fill the map with new “stations” as I write more and more articles on algorithms. Thus the map will grow as a real Metro map is growing – new lines, new stations, etc.

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