Mobile Internet Users are Getting More Important

Internet Mobile

It isn’t strange that the internet is becoming more and more mobile. When it matters to news sites I think most of the mobile versions are better than the “desktop” versions of the site. Take a look at or

Mobile Ads

The first thing that makes impression when comparing both mobile and desktop versions of a site is the layout. Of course the lack of ads on the mobile version, or if not the absolute lack at least the small number of appearing ads, seems to be quite pleasant.

The thing is that as the web grow and as the web 2.0 is becoming a reality most of us will prefer to use it on a mobile device, just because it’s

  1. easier to use
  2. easier to find
  3. easier to follow

Here’s a nice example of what mobile phones are now.

Now lets take a look on how the mobile web will grow in the near future.

That graphics describe quite well what will happen in the upcoming years. Is there now a question: should I make a mobile version of my site?

3 thoughts on “Mobile Internet Users are Getting More Important

  1. Everyone should be thinking about mobile internet, whether they do anything about it just yet is a different story. If you use WordPress then there are a couple of really good plugins for converting your site to work better on mobiles. Enjoy!

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