JavaScript optimization. Lazy loading.

Javascript files are too big!

Yes that’s the reality and when they become more and more bigger the web pages becomes to be irresponsible. The bitter reality is that you load any functionality that slows down the first user impression, but is needed only when you click on a button and so on. That’s a problem because you can load only that chunks you need in the beginning and than after a few seconds to load everything else. Some web applications have more than 100K of javascript which become really bad.

Separate logic

What you can do is to separate the logic into one or more files. Even when the user thinks everything is on the page and he can interact with the application and than to start to load the rest of the functionality.

That’s a pretty good technique. Nobody can start interacting on the 5th second of the load process. Usually the user looks at the interface starts to explore the app and after approximately the 10th second he start interacting with the page.

Lazy loading

There are various techniques of loading JavaScript on demand. So I wont cover it, but that pattern of loading it latter when needed is really powerful.

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