Google Closure Compiler?

Yes, it’s a question! After reading about jQuery version 1.4 I saw something that seemed to be pretty interesting to me. jQuery is now using Google Closure Compiler to minify and compile it’s source. The result was smaller output file.

Now I’m using YUI Compressor for my project and when I decided to make an experiment with Googles’ software it was just because I’d like to gain loading savings. In the project I’m working on I use two famous JavaScript libraries: jQuery and OpenLayers, and the result was really good. The compiled code was smaller than the YUI compressed source and the savings where more than 50% for non-gzipped requests.

The problem is that the resulting code, even successfully compiled after what Google said, was producing errors on the site and wasn’t working correctly. That why I’m leaving the title as a question and I’ll continue my experiments with this approach until I get any good results.

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